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We offer different types of classes and courses to suit your needs: private lessons, informal conversation classes or intensive test preparation for the TOEFL iBT examination. Take advantage of our monthly subscription plans or our multi-session packages. Just check out our calendar below for times and dates that fit your schedule or contact us to schedule a private session.


Our TOEFL preparation classes will help you get ready for the test. We offer a variety of classes each week that focus on the skills included on the test: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. You will be able to improve your speaking skills, increase your reading and listening comprehension, and build your vocabulary. With our $99  monthly subscription plan you can join unlimited TOEFL classes each month.

Group Meeting

Our conversation classes focus on day-to-day conversations and will help you practice your oral skills. Our instructors will guide you through practical topics, such as talking about shopping, food, travel, the weather, getting directions, etc. Practice your speaking skills in a relaxed and comfortable setting!

Friends Having Coffee

We offer private 50-minute or 25-minute sessions in which you meet with an instructor one-on-one. The curriculum is targeted to your specific needs and interests. Classes can focus on improving your conversation skills, building fluency, gaining confidence, or preparing for a test. Please contact us to discuss your needs!

Class Schedule

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